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The history aficionado will appreciate a stay at Cara Lodge, Guyana. It is one of Georgetown's oldest and grandest structures and is the best-known and most popular hotel in Guyana.

Cara Lodge was built in the 1840s and originally consisted of two houses. It has a long and romantic history and was the home of the first Lord Mayor of Georgetown. Over the years, the property has been visited by many dignitaries, including King Edward VIII, who stayed at the house in 1923: he was of course, later to abdicate and marry the American Wallis Simpson. Other dignitaries have included President Jimmy Carter in 1996, HRH Prince Charles in April 2000, HRH Prince Andrew in 2004 and Mick Jagger in 2005.

This magnificent home-turned-hotel offers the tradition and nostalgia of a bygone era, complete with the service and comfort of the most luxurious hotels in a most congenial family atmosphere.  At Cara Lodge, we have worked hard to create a setting that is the perfect marriage of old-world charm and contemporary comfort – ideal for the traveller wishing to experience a taste of Guyana’s past and the business person wishing modern-day amenities.

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