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Vaulted ceilings, carefully appointed, and oozing with charm.

The Raleigh Suite is – quite literally – the pinnacle offering at Cara Lodge, nestled in the vaulted upper story of this historic Georgetown building. With its sloped ceiling, exposed beams, a unique pedestal bed, and quaint lounge area, the Walter Raleigh Suite underscores the hotel’s colonial history. This suite is decorated in the style of a captain’s quarters found on the 18th-century ships that once frequented the shores of Guyana in search of the fabled El Dorado – the city of gold. Complete with seafaring maps, a brass compass, and in-room library, the Walter Raleigh Suite provides the ultimate escape into Guyana’s storied past.


Getting swept up in history doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the modern conveniences international hotel guests have come to expect when travelling abroad. The Raleigh Suite is equipped with a large flat-screen TV, 72 cable channels, tea and coffee service, ample air conditioning, a minibar, complimentary high-speed WiFi internet, and a safe large enough to accommodate your tablet and laptop.

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